Dating : Give me some perspective?

Dating : Give me some perspective?

I’ve been talking to this guy casually and we finally met up on Saturday night. Him and his friend met up with me and my friends and we all went out to the same bars together, him not leaving my side. We hit it off great. He came over and slept at my place (no sex), we cuddled in bed until 1ish, and then he invited me to hang out outside my apartment and we hung out for a few more hours. That was yesterday.

Now he’s taking forever to text back, which is fine, that’s okay, I’m not a needy texter. But I asked him if he’d want to go out to dinner with me (this was around 2pm and now it’s 11:30) and he still hasn’t written me back. Is it safe to say he isn’t interested? And do I bother to text him again if he never replies? I’m very into him.

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  1. One thing to note. It’s likely you asking him for dinner spooked him a little. Most confident men like to initiate the dates. But it’s not a bad thing either you asked. I’m merely generalizing based on very little information garnered from the post.

    To the other situation, it’s very possible he’s doing this to illicit the response you are giving right this moment. It’s obviously driving you nuts that he hasn’t texted you back and that’s part of the game all men and women play when dating. He will likely text back tomorrow or the next day. If not, move on. Dude is brilliant and this is a classic technique executed nearly flawlessly (I’d like to high five this dude if this is indeed what he’s doing). Glad to hear things went well Saturday though!

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