Dating : Giving her space?

Dating : Giving her space?

Okay so me[21m] and this girl[24f] been dating for 7 months now. In the start everything was fine. She was crazy after me. But for last few weeks she’s been acting distant. I confronted her about this asking if she is happy with me and this. She said that she has no problems with me. It’s just her problems. Which, I know that her life has been a rough because of her problems which kinda made her lose the attraction.

When she started acting distant. I asked her if she needed space. To which she said that she is already having her space. she doesn’t want to kiss or even hold hands. Which I understand that and I dont want to be seem needy or make her uncomfortable.

Thing is she doesnt say that she needs space but her actions say she does. It’s not even about who initiates texts. If I don’t initiate then she does. On top of that, she never says no to hang out or going out on date. She is always keen to go out with me. But it’s just her actions. And I am 100% that she is only dating me and no one on the side.

Any advise? What can I do?

Tl;dr – dating a girl for 7 months. But acting distant lately. She didnt explicitly say that she needed space but her actions(not touchy anymore, reluctant to kiss) say that she wants space. Advise?

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  1. Grow a pair and tell her to either let you into her life as a partner or you need to make an exit from it. 7 months is long enough to where you should very comfortable with each other. Seriously, set the boundary. If she won’t let you into her life and show interest in you, then get out of the « relationship » (if you can even call it that).

  2. None of what anybody has said will work.

    A girl says she needs space means…. I don’t want you around ….

    therefore without warning, you need to give her some damn space… no contact.

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