Dating : Giving up

Dating : Giving up

I honestly feel like giving up on dating. I (f21) seem to have very bad luck with men. Guess I’ll just adopt a lot of animals in the future.

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  1. Give up at 30, not 21, I’m 25 and haven’t given up yet. At 30 I will give up if I haven’t found someone, but we are both too young to Ldar yet

  2. You’re fucking 21…try giving up when you’re my age. I’ve been single since I was your age because I basically gave up and never tried in my twenties. Now that I’m 31 and want to date, I have no earthly idea what I’m doing and it’s not attractive for a 31 year old man to be as inexperienced as I am.

    So yeah, don’t give up now

  3. That’s why I love animals, they are always there 4U & never let you down!! You are still young & you will find a good guy soon… I can see it in my crystal ball!!

  4. Dating does suck, for both genders, for different reasons. And the reasons are different from person to person.

    I’m curious, what’s « bad luck » to you OP?

  5. Can you outline some of your experiences? You might find they are very familiar to many of us at a younger age and how we persevered…

  6. Cats maybe?

    On a real note, giving up is kinda what I do. But somehow, every time I swear off relationships, someone starts to win me over. So… Maybe literally just focusing on yourself is a great idea?

  7. Yeah I’m 20 and I’ve given up. If it didn’t happen in high school then there’s pretty much no chance of getting a date as an adult. In my opinion I don’t think I’m cut out for a relationship or being a bf.

  8. Instead of “giving up” let’s try something different. Find yourself. Find your own happiness. What do you like? Or what have you always wanted to do? Find that and do that! I love to write, I stated writing more. I love to read, I’m going to get a book shelf and fill it with books, I want to cosplay more, so I’m learning to sew. I hope you discover all the things that make you smile to, just be happy, find something you want, and want it as bad as you want to breath and work toward that, for me it’s being a UNICEF nurse. Forget about dating for now, and if it happens it happens. But don’t force anything just find yourself, and the person who is meant to be with you will come.

  9. Honestly, most people don’t grow the hell up until their mid to late 20s at the earliest. So most of the people you date before then will be idiots.

  10. Idk if you’ve ever thought about reading books on dating advice, but I’ve had to refer to those and I gotta say it’s really helped replenish my hopes in finding someone. The book I’m particularly a fan of is called Models by Mark Manson, if you decide to look that book up, it offers great insight on how to lead a fulfilling independent life that isn’t based around just finding someone. I do have to point out though that originally, the book was written for guys like me (26M). But really , the fundamentals that that book teaches can be used for whatever gender. The point is, I was giving up hope with dating, and then I found this book. My dating life has noticeably changed, have I found a fulfilling relationship? Not yet, but I’m getting there.

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