Dating : Guy (32M) I’m (26f) never initiates dates

Dating : Guy (32M) I’m (26f) never initiates dates

I’ve been seeing this guy for about 2 weeks now and we’ve gone on 5 dates. Our dates are really great and the last couple of times I’ve slept over at his place. He is always really receptive and excited when I ask him out. We also text everyday, which he does initiate. He just never makes the first move to ask me on a date and I’m not sure if I’m reading too much into it. I’m really straight forward and don’t play games, if I want to hang out with you I’m going to ask, but I also don’t want to come off as needy or easy.

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  1. I know there’s a lot of guys who really appreciate girls taking the first step as men are used to initiating most of the time. At this point though, it might become just the norm between you two for you to initiate as that has been set standard. I’d just invite him one last time and talk to him about it ftf next time.

  2. it takes time to grow confidence in how the other person feels about you. since it has just been 2 weeks, there is definite worry about what the other person is thinking.

    but the way to overcome that is to bring it up and see what he thinks. sometimes people also didn’t do something because it never was brought up to them before, from previous people, that it might be something that needed to change. for example, maybe he has always dated girls who were more into him and asked him out, and he just thinks that is normal.

    if he is compassionate and understanding and tries to make changes to adjust to your reasonable requests, then that shows something about him. and if he instead says it’s your problem, not his, then you also know that about him.

    not too early at all to find out this kind of information about the person you are going out with.

  3. Often in the early stages of dating I try to playfully set it up so that each person takes turns planning the next date. I try to think of a fun and really cool date, then after if things go well I tell them I want them to surprise me with the next one. It makes things exciting for both parties and naturally encourages a 50/50 effort, which can be really difficult to achieve with people spreading themselves so thin.

  4. Pull back so you can assess if he interested in you. Let him bring up seeing you again. You have done all of the heavy lifting in this. If you are ok with this being how your potential relationship is, then keep asking him out. If not, step back.

  5. He might be seeing other girls, which is fine because he’s not exclusive with you. Just keep asking him if you want to go out with him.

  6. I’ve been dating a girl who rarely initiates texts or plans dates. It has gotten old after a while, but one that that sort of worked (she picked the activity, I still picked the time and place, haha) for me was asking her to plan the next date.

    If this guy is interested in you and wants to spend time with you, he’ll put in the effort to plan one date.

  7. If you like him and have enjoyed your previous dates, why does it matter who initiates? I can understand how this bothers some people tho so id recommend you just be honest with him and tell him youd like to he the one getting asked to go out.

  8. 2 weeks 5 dates slept over a few times… That’s the definition of easy, and you are definitely bordering on needy. Neither of which I say as insults as that’s my ideal match.

    Keep going with it, if you got a guy that likes taking the passenger seat, then just take the wheel, you obviously like him as is.

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