Dating : Help me please

Dating : Help me please

ok so i have a cowroker who has a nephew and hes super cute im 18 hes 22 and 4th of july we hit it off really well and i mean we was drinking having a good time… he was smoking and i was drinking and he flirted a little bit he was asking me about long term plans ets. i think we hit it off really well but when it came to say goodbye.. he gave me a fist bump.. he ended up telling me he liked me but i dont know if it was in a friend way or not you know… so our conversation was more about life and stuff like that but he didnt ask for my number or anything like that you know idk his aunt invited me to a birthday party this weekend cuz hes gonna be there but idk what do…. like this is really throwing me off.. WHAT DOES A FISTBUMP MEAN… he was stealing glances the whole night at me i caught him staring multiple times…

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  1. It sounds like he likes you in the sense that he has a good time hanging, conversing, or getting to know you. So you’re on the right track. As for the fist bump, it may just be him acting friendly or trying to be casual. Since you’re still getting to know each other it’s too early to tell yet flirting with each other is always fun! I’d say your best bet is to keep talking to him whenever possible then hopefully snag his number or social media in order to stay in contact. Good luck, try not to overthink it and have a good time with it all!

  2. Get that number. He seems cool and probably doesnt want to be too touchy with you because guys get in trouble for stupid stuff now a days. Fist bump means he wants to bump that if you know what I mean. Plus he was staring at you? Forget about it.

    Obviously in to you.

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