Dating : Help! Want to this first date to go well

Dating : Help! Want to this first date to go well

First, if you read my past posts you know that I dated a liar. I’ve since dumped him and started dating again.
I’ve recently been talking to a guy, I’ll name Brandon, and we have our first date later today. We are having coffee and dinner.
Second, I am introverted and it takes a while for me to warm up to anyone.
I really want this date to go well. Unfortunately, when I go on first dates, there is rarely a second.
How can I make sure this date goes well? Should I dress casual or should I wear a dress?

I am happy to say that the date went well. We met at a local coffee shop then went to dinner at a local diner before we went to a park with a waterfall. We spent most of the time talking and laughing. Both of us agreed that there will most definitely be a next time.

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  1. – Relax

    – Don’t bring high expectations or presents

    – Avoid conversations like religion, money, politics

    – Start as friends if you like ‘Brandon’

    – Don’t overdress, don’t underdress

    – Don’t be negative about his topics

    – And most important …… Have fun!!

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