Dating : How can I approach guys without being desperate/weird?

Dating : How can I approach guys without being desperate/weird?

I’m kind of terrified of dating apps. I much prefer meeting people face to face and have been pushing myself to attend more social events.

I joined a couple clubs in my area, and have been going to bars and stuff to try and meet guys. I’m slowly becoming more confident and have definitely made great new friends through these activities. My issue is I always chicken out or make an absolute tit out of myself in conversation when I’m talking to a guy I like. I get shy and dumb and make bad jokes and generally kill the atmosphere by being a tool. I generally don’t know how to flirt so I don’t really know how to let a guy know that I’m interested in him in /that/ way but I don’t want to come across as desperate and clingy either.

I guess I’m looking for any tips on how to flirt? Or if you’re a dude, what makes you think a girl is hitting on you?

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  1. Pretty easy really. Sit down next to said guy at the bar, introduce yourself, see if he tries to continue the conversation, if he does, keep talking. While you’re talking touch his arm, then his leg, any guy with half a brain will know you’re 1000000% interested and he’ll try to transition something, worst case scenario if you’ve dropped all the hints and he still isn’t biting, just ask if he wants your number, some guys are REALLLY dense, and we’re usually caught off guard if an attractive woman approaches us, cause it seems like a set up lol.

  2. Literally go up an start a conversation. Just one thing though: make it extremely obvious that you are in fact hitting on them. Most if not all guys have mistaken niceness for being hit on at least once in their lives and most of the time its easier to assume that you’re just being nice.

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