Dating : How do I cope without falling apart at the seems?

Dating : How do I cope without falling apart at the seems?

Long story short I’ve met a lass I’m messaging her and I’m basically infatuated with her I like the time we spend messaging eachother I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and I know she likes me back I don’t want to come across as clingy nor do I want to come across as desperate I need help to keep things simple with her otherwise it will turn to shit.

Can you provide any tips on other things to do to take my mind off of sending a bunch of messages like I want to and to keep things lively with her as if I leave it I know it will fizzle out she’s an introvert and responds to me but barely initiates conversation.

What do you think?

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  1. Best thing you can do is take your mind off thinking about her or it won’t go the way you want… to get your mind off analyzing and scrutinizing the messages that have already transpired which I know you are doing RN. Try and strike up conversation with other girls either in person or messaging or whatever, this way if it doesn’t work out the situation won’t be so painful. If you have a close friend or two you trust their judgement, have them look over the conversation and get their honest read on the situation and a possible next move.

    Just some advice you WILL F-it up if you keep on NOT being yourself sooner or later… better to just be blunt and compliment the things about her you are drawn to and make your feelings known. It’s like ripping off a bandaid and you hopefully get a direct answer « yeah!!! » or « not really, sorry… » say something like « I really like ________ about you, I think we’ve got a strong connection and I really enjoy our conversations! I want to spend time with you and see where it goes, how do you feel? »


    Also I came across this great [read]( on this forum, it should help shape your prospective on your situation.

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