Dating : How do i start dating?

Dating : How do i start dating?

I (16F) go to a single sex school (I’m straight so i can’t meet people there) and half of my summer consists of being at an all girls camp. HOW DO I MEET SOMEONE?

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  1. Hey. Do not live your life this way. Ever.

    Date because you find someone interesting. Don’t think you need to do it all the time. Don’t think things aren’t on your timeframe; they are, and you only do things when you’re comfortable.

    Focus on being the best version of you and let the men flock to your awesomeness. Love your own life and yourself at your young age though. What seems super important to you right now will change from the lens of perspective when you get older, although it is a fine age for you to start going on dates and learning about love in a safe manner. I’d stick to boys in your peer groups that you know and trust, and who show kindness when they don’t have to but because they are good people.

    People who focus only on being with someone else live very unhappy lives. Just go do everything that interests you. And along the way, you’ll find proper companionship when the timing is right.

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