Dating : How do people go about getting with people in highschool?

Dating : How do people go about getting with people in highschool?

Im in High School and all of my friends have been getting into relationships recently and they have been spending less time with me. I just want to get with someone that I can hang out with and talk with.

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  1. From experience, dating / finding dates in high school is a lot easier than dating in your 20s (that’s where I’m at now). And I’m super envious of you for that! Haha! I would just suggest finding activities and ways to get to know people outside of your immediate friend group. Take some chances, it might be uncomfortable at first, but find after school groups and activities. Do those activities on your own if you have to and go with an open mind. I met the guys I dated in high school at dances, concerts, church groups, and through mutual friends.

  2. It’s actually a whole lot easier in high school to talk to people. When you grow up or in college, it’s a lot harder, and everyone is way more judgemental. Just make an attempt and something will happen.

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