Dating : How do you know if a guy wants to be serious with you?

Dating : How do you know if a guy wants to be serious with you?

Sometimes when I date I overthink and get anxious. Recently asked a guy where it was going and he ended up just pushing me away. Do you ever think it’s a good idea to ask or better to just wait for the guy to say something?

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  1. If he can’t take that question serious, he most likely is not ready for a serious relationship. You probably dodged a bullet, as he most likely wouldn’t like to talk when things start to get serious.

    As a guy who recently got asked the same question, i was scared to answer at first (mostly afraid that telling her would scare her off). I’m glad i was honest, because things are looking really good for us right now!

  2. Yes obviously it’s a good idea to ask becuaaw that’s what keeps the relationship going. He’s just an ass, some are like that. Don’t worry it’ll be alright!

  3. You don’t fuck him until you are in a relationship. And you conduct yourself so that he believes that is the norm for you, whether it has been or not. You make that the norm for you, if you want a relationship. If not willing to do that, keep getting humped and dumped.

  4. I dont think its a good idea to ask/talk about this in early stage of dating (1-2 months), you just put pressure on the person and might aswell push them away with this. Let them come to you on their own, its much more natural that way anyway.

  5. depends how long you been dating. if you been dating only a few weeks and she’s already pushing me to buy or rent a flat so we can live together, then fuck I’m running too! that’s way too soon.

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