Dating : How long after initial chat to follow-up?

Dating : How long after initial chat to follow-up?

I matched with a really beautiful girl around 11 pm, we had a good conversation and I think we hit it off. We talked about half hour, and I think she probably went to sleep as I she did’t respond.

I’m sort of genuinely surprised we match as I really didn’t think I was her type at all. It’s been about half day since then, I was wondering what is the best way to continue this conversation? I’ve made the mistake of going too fast before.

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  1. Just send her a text and ask her when she’d be available to go on a date with you, if she doesn’t respond, you have your answer.

  2. Wait 2/3 days then follow up by asking her out for a date. Don’t keep carrying on the conversation. You don’t want it to become a phoneship.

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