Dating : How long should you wait to give someone space? (Currently not talking)

Dating : How long should you wait to give someone space? (Currently not talking)

A lot of you will probably say I can do better or to leave her alone… but, the whole dating thing isn’t going well and she’s kind of all I have right now. Anywho!

So we’re kind of toxic, can’t say which one is worse after really thinking about it… We’re more alike then opposites and that creates problems. We both fell into a depressed phase and I got clingy and she got distant.

After some on again off again stuff we’re currently not talking and she said she wanted to be left alone for awhile.
I didn’t do anything stupid like cheat on her or hurt her, just disagreements with what we want, and she currently just wants to be alone.
This was about two weeks ago, then last week she told me not to message her for awhile or she’d block me because I kept trying to get her to talk. I bought her roses too but I guess she didn’t like that…

Anyway… A music / pre- 4th of July event is coming up and I want her to go with me because I doubt any of my friends will go… Should I risk it and ask her to go or give her more time? :/

Dating is stupid.

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  1. I think give her more time and wait for her message. I am currently making the same mistake as you with this girl whom I am seeing, so I told her to arrange the next meetup when she is free. I come to learn from previous experience that the more you want her, the further she gets away. Hope things go well for you eventually.

  2. Leave her alone until she reaches out to you. You might think you need to text her or invite her but all you will be doing is pushing her away more. You’re disrespecting her wishes of wanting space. If you truly care about her then you’ll wait for her to reach out. If you don’t care about her and you’re just worried about yourself and your feelings then you’ll disrespect her and try to text or contact her. She already blocked you, do you want her to file a restraining order against you? You already know you should drop it and move on, so why not work on yourself and figure out how to gain more confidence for the next girl? Get a couple jobs. Over fill your day with activities that require your fill attention. That’ll help you move on an and you’ll be too busy to think about her.

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