Dating : How long would you wait until you make it official?

Dating : How long would you wait until you make it official?

Let’s say you both have exclusivity but didn’t have the relationship talk yet.

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  1. Usually what I find is it depends on the people. If one partner is really driven to be with someone and be in a relationship, the talk would usually happen after about a month or getting to know someone, sometimes I’ve seen people « dating » after 1 date. It really depends. Personally I would want to hangout for a solid 1-3 months before being official.

  2. I don’t think you have to make it official. It should be something self apparent. When you are spending pretty much all of your time together outisde of friends, family, and your other obligations, that’s pretty official.

    If you want to make plans and your other doesn’t want to go, and you decide not to go because you want to be with them, that’s pretty official to me.

    Labeling it might start scaring people away.

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