Dating : How to approach and talk to girls at a bar?

Dating : How to approach and talk to girls at a bar?

By the end of the month, I turn 21 and I’ve been told that going to bars is the best way to meet new people and potentially get lucky and score a date. But I want to know what’s the best way to go about it without trying to make it obvious to everybody in the room that “I’m lonely and want to find myself a sweet,pretty lady”. Any ideas or tips on how to mentally prepare myself for this whole new experience?

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  1. Well, I can only speak for myself, but I start by ordering her a drink. Then the bartender hands her the drink and says,

    « From the gentleman over there. »

    She looks over and smiles back. I raise my glass in acknowledgement, and proceed to finish off my rum and coke. I walk towards her with an ere of confidence, mentally rehearsing several opening lines. As I approach, without a single glance, I say to the bartender,

    « Another rum and coke, barkeep. »

    I take the seat next to her, and before I can utter a single word, she says,

    « Thanks for the drink, but I have a boyfriend. »

    Her friend, who’s on the opposite side of her, lets out a soft chuckle. However, without missing a beat, I look over to the bartender and say,

    « Make that a double. »

    Once I receive my drink, I say cheers to the two lovely ladies, then I hastily down my augmented beverage in the hopes of suppressing my rising anxiety. In a final effort to look cool, I slam the glass down before exiting stage right, and reflecting upon my failure.

    I saw an opportunity, took it, and wagered $5 and some dignity against its success. But, I was none the worse for the experience.

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