Dating : How to deal with the yips?

Dating : How to deal with the yips?

I’m a guy in my late 20’s and like 99% of the time I’m totally fine. I go on lots of dates, meet some great girls, I have good relationships with my friends and family, I’m comfortable with strangers, etc.

But I get the yips.

When I’ve been on 3-4 dates with a girl and I know I like her and she likes me, I just like…completely implode. All of a sudden I get super insecure, I become a total overthinker (if anything I’m typically an underthinker). I’ve been funny and fun and the conversations about everything have just flowed, and then all of a sudden I have no idea what to say or what to talk about. It’s like a flip switches.

Have any of you dealt with this? What do you think is the cause and what might help?

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What do you think?

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  1. First time I’m dealing with the same shit. But she keeps agreeing and even asking me on dates, so fuck it, roll with the punches and bury those insecurities deep bro.

    Also, the yips…are you a golfer?

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