Dating : I [F25] went on a first date with [M26] and it went amazing!

Dating : I [F25] went on a first date with [M26] and it went amazing!

We met on Hinge and we have been texting close to 3 weeks now and spoke on the phone once. He[M26] lives 2 hours away and I don’t drive. He insisted he wanted to meet me[F25] in person…so he did.

Last Saturday, he drove for 2 hours to see me, even got soaked on his way because it rained and his window wouldn’t roll up. At dinner, his food was uncooked so he had bad luck too. At the movies, his preferable soda ran out!

He didn’t let me pay for dinner or the movies, but we compromised and I got the popcorn for us.

Once he took me home, he asked for a kiss, which I wanted so bad and it was the perfect ending to a bumpy day for him! He said he liked me and that I was a great kisser and he wanted to see me again next weekend (this upcoming Saturday).

I just told him there’s a symphony show coming up in a month, so if we still talked we could go to it and he replied with “If?!” and said he liked how I was thinking ahead.

I just feel like this is too good to be true. I’ve had such bad luck with men before that I feel I don’t deserve happiness, but on Saturday this guy made me so happy, and I just wanted to share because he made me laugh and understood my sarcasm and played around with me and especially made me feel special all evening.

I just feel… happy, even it’s too good to be true. Dating is so hard, but he made it seem so easy and he is showing he is interested, which is a strange feeling for me.

TL;DR: First date (met online) drove two hours to see me and he treated me amazing, ended the night with a kiss. It feels too good to be true, but I’m so happy!

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  1. Based on the title I was expecting a punchline.

    You do know you spent 3x the amount of money on that popcorn than he did for everything else right?

    Sorry just some dumb jokes that I thought to myself. Enjoy your day and good luck 🙂

  2. Take it real slow. The kiss released endorphins throughout your body that are really powerful. They are meant for you to bond and connect with this man. Just be aware of what he does ( his actions) are in alignment with what he says.

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