Dating : How to deal with/walk off rejection in the moment? (Straight Male)

Dating : How to deal with/walk off rejection in the moment? (Straight Male)

So just a brief disclaimer that I’m overall confident, and can hold a conversation, I meet a lot of people when I’m out, but one thing I struggle with *immensely* is when I get shot down. I either say something dumb, or approach them the wrong way, or sometimes they outright walk off, and it *kills* my confidence.

To the guys and girls out there, how do you deal with this and brush it off, maintaining confidence? I certainly don’t lose sleep over a bar-room rejection, but in the moment I just can’t always shake it, and usually I end up going home numberless, especially if it happens early on, or in the last hour or so.

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  1. Approach with no expectation – or better yet, with the expectation of getting rejected. If it works, great if it doesn’t, nevermind then. That’s the mentality that you need to build up.

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