Dating : How to Land Myself a Good Old-Fashioned Date

Dating : How to Land Myself a Good Old-Fashioned Date

A little background~

I’ve run the gauntlet in terms of dating. I’ve been on 14 Tinder dates, although none of them lead to a romantic connection. I have a thing for awkward, skinny guys with interesting features (2 different colored eyes, unique passions, etc.) which already makes me sound particular. I think that may be part of the problem.

I consider myself to be slightly above average, and reasonably fit. I’m a 19 y/o F aspiring Communications major at University and am currently writing my own book. I have a hard time committing to men who I don’t find to be super intellectual, having broken off two relationships with people who were plenty attractive but not quite hitting the mark for me. My question is, do men still ask women out? If so, where are y’all hiding?

A follow-up question, how acceptable is it for women to ask out men they find attractive/interesting?

What do you think?

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  1. If you see someone that looks or feels interesting, why not ask them out for lunch? There are many easy ways to start an interaction. Stroke theory ego, ask for help with something. See where it goes. You don’t have to ask someone out on a « date », to spend time getting to know them. In University, go to clubs and organizations that do things you enjoy. Find people who enjoy doing similar things. Do them together.

  2. Many universities have writing seminars or clubs. Some even have book clubs.

    I grew up reading, but I haven’t ever written anything fun to read, only reports, thesis, and news articles. I admire you!

  3. Funny you sound like you’re looking for a guy like me. I’m a bit awkward / nerdy, tall / thin, super intellectual, and I don’t mind if a woman asks me out.

  4. We are hiding on reddit, looking for advice like how to ask girls out, hoping they will ask us out instead. Huh, I’m also an awkward / nerdy, tall / thin, engineer.

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