Dating : How to tell a guy I don’t want to talk so much

Dating : How to tell a guy I don’t want to talk so much

I (24, F) matched with a guy on Bumble. He seemed interesting but he likes to talk to me a lot. He’ll double message at times and I feel badgered with questions at times. I don’t like talking to people I match with on Bumble before we meet up. I’ve had experiences in the past where I liked how someone was online too much and absolutely couldn’t stand them in person so I try to limit online conversation until we meet. We finally set a day to meet and I told him « I have to go now, please let me know on *the day of the date* if you’re still up for it ». We said bye and the very next day he was back to wanting long conversations. How do i tell him I don’t like to talk too much on dating apps? Does anyone else feel this way about talking too much with matches?

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  1. I’m one if those guys that gets excited and talks too much before the date. This is good perspective for me. I’d just like the person to be honest and say « I’d rather we got to know each other in person rather than text ». Maybe just say that.

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