Dating : How to transition from FWB to a relationship?

Dating : How to transition from FWB to a relationship?

I’ve known my friend with benefits for about a year now. We went strong for about eight months before he cut it off. We started out in it for the sexual benefits and both ended up catching feelings at different times. When I realized I liked him back he had already moved on with the idea of ending things. Three months later he realized himself that he did enjoy spending time with me and missed what we had. We are unsure of what route to take. We agreed with continuing to hang out and seeing where it goes from there.

I don’t want to psych myself out of this situation because it’s been too back and forth. I really like the dude but I honestly don’t know where this will go or how long it’ll last. I want to be okay with getting into a relationship and not knowing the end and being okay with it. But I also don’t want to go through another heart break. (Which I’ll admit was really emotionally traumatic).

I’ve only ever been in one other serious relationship and I remember the anxiety of putting a label on it. For others who have experienced the same, how did you transition from FWB to relationship? I feel that putting s title just adds pressure to the situation.

TL;DR: I have some anxiety before committing myself into something serious that may or may not last long. How do I overcome this thought process. Is this something I explain to my partner? I also don’t want to sway him in any way or get him to over think.

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