Dating : hung up.

Dating : hung up.

have you ever been hung up on someone things were casual with and only hung out with a couple times?

first date/meet up was awesome. we had established we were looking for nothing serious but honestly after that first night we had clicked so well it seemed like there could have possibly been more down the line. hung out once more a week later at his place, both times we did hook up.

within another week he said he wasn’t looking for casual hook ups anymore & was going to focus on himself and such. i get that/respect that but he’s still on my mind because we had so much in common and felt like we really connected – something he also pointed out multiple times that first night especially.

would it even be worth it to eventually, possibly reach out again at some point? obviously i’m not sitting around & waiting or anything, and it’s only been a couple of weeks so i’m not thinking anytime soon.

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  1. We all get hung up on « the one who got away » for a little bit.

    I do find it kind of odd that he hooked up with you twice, and then all of sudden wasn’t into hookups anymore???

    Anyway, he got he wanted and moved on. There’s no reason to reach out anymore because he wont be interested. And if he comes back around, it’s because he’s dry and thirsty and thinks you’ll give it up again.

    Surely you can do better?

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