Dating : I am open to date and/or simply hookup, but where does an average 24M do that in the UK?

Dating : I am open to date and/or simply hookup, but where does an average 24M do that in the UK?

Hi, I am Wakka.

First of all, I don’t want to be a creepy guy, a weirdo guy or an awkward guy. For example, today I saw a cute girl at this shoe shop. But I did not talk to her because I didn’t want to ruin the shop for myself since I occasionally shop there. Also, it is a shame that there are a lot of cuties but I am just worried that I will ‘shit where I eat’ and become anxious about going out, get me? It just seems that people hookup and date from their social circle. Yeah, join a club and such but at the moment I just don’t have the time. Plus I get bored easily. Given that fact, where would it be appropriate to flirt with a girl? Just seems that English girls are more friendly when they are drunk, which is a shame because I don’t like going to bars.

Any suggestions? Do women enjoy the attention or should I be in their social circle first? Idk man, these days I feel that the punishment is far more severe than the reward; the reward is that you don’t get punished lol

Thank you =)

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  1. If you’re worrying about if its appropriate to flirt then you’ve already lost. If you see a girl you like have a conversation. Dont kiss her ass but just get to know her for a few minutes before to get to your point and ask her out.

    Women like attention but they dont value it. If you’re a guy who gives free attention you arent interesting. Social circles are useful but slow.

    Following the following steps

    1. Write a list of what you want in a woman

    2. Honestly do some self accounting of you strengths and weaknesses

    3. Check your list again with step 2 in mind

    4. Figure out where those women on your list hang out

    5. Go to those places and mingle

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