Dating : I don’t click with anyone

Dating : I don’t click with anyone

I’ve clicked with someone twice before, so I know how ‘clicking’ feels. But now when I have a crush on someone, it burns fast for a week or so and then becomes no, its ok, its a friendship, even if I liked them a lot at first. People have liked me. People still like me. But I don’t feel that same ‘I like you spark’. I’ve only rly fully liked two people in my life and that level of wow they are so amazing, be mine didn’t work out, but it was there, for weeks and months.

Sometimes I worry my standards are too high, even tho I have none. I’ve grown up around fighting couples so all I really want is a loving commited relationship that isn’t explosing into i hate yous every two seconds. I just don’t feel that click anywhere, with anyone. Not that life changing, mind blowing romantic love at first sight. Just that click. Hey, I like you. We’re similar. I want to hang out. This doesnt feel forced or that we’re doing it for the sake of working it out when we rly wanna be at home sleeping after a day of binging junk food. Click.

I’m 23, like i said ive had more than a handful of guys like me, but i just don’t feel the same.

Thoughts would be appreciated,

I love you all,

Ghost x

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