Dating : I don’t wanna be the boss here!

Dating : I don’t wanna be the boss here!

I’m a youngster in my early 20s.

I’m going to graduate with a good degree in under 4 years, with a year of work experience in my field. I have eyebrow raising extracurriculars, and I’m totally comfortable talking to 200 people on a stage.

But I’m incredibly awkward with my peers. Even in primary school, I was aloof. I only managed to survive by growing a sense of humor. I was a late bloomer with girls, and I don’t have much experience under my belt. Flirting with me elicits all the thrill of a fern in terracotta. I don’t know when to go in for the kiss (so I ask like the dork I am).

The most attractive mates to me are the ones in my wheelhouse; girls that are successful, but need someone to confide in and relate to. I love the ladies who are self confident enough to raise a question in lecture, and sensitive enough to replay it in their head. Because I’m really the same way. My Facebook says, « it’s an honour to graduate with a BS with honors in 3.5 years! » but my anxious shoulder tension says I need a hug.

How do I communicate my need for a true ally and partner in crime when I’m looking for bae? The 2 girls I dated were ready for me to take charge. I wanted an equal. It was rough.


How do I find a mate who wants to wear the relationship pants along with me? I look like I know what I’m doing, but sometimes I don’t.

What do you think?


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