Dating : I (F20) can’t fully tell if my coworker (M26) is into me or not.

Dating : I (F20) can’t fully tell if my coworker (M26) is into me or not.

•I got a new job around a month and a half ago. The majority of the co workers are on working hour visas – including the guy, who this post is regarding.

•I turn 21 in a couple of months. He’s recently turned 26.

Alrighty on to the story/needed help;
This guy and I have been talking privately online for a month now, but I’ve know him since the start of the job.
We are very flirtatious towards each other both online and when we see each other in person.
We have the same role at the job. So we’re never far apart on shift, therefore we work closely together.

However he did break up with a girl who is still back in his home country a few days after we started talking.
(I didn’t know he had a girlfriend until he broke up with her – a couple days into us talking)

I’m am unsure of where we stand in our relationship/friendship. And what to do in terms of progressing further.

Any advice would be great.
(Also if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. More than happy to answer/clarify Thanks)

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  1. uhm? Not sure the point of this post. You are clearly his friend. With you both being flirty with each other you are both sending the signals that you may something more. Talk with him. Ask him about his breakup, see if his heartbroken or maybe ready to go on the market. Goodluck!

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