Dating : I feel great, but…

Dating : I feel great, but…

I’m a 17(M) dating a girl who is also my age. We go to school together and we’ve gotten really close. It took us both a year of waiting for each other until we actually started dating.

We’ve gotten really close, we have such amazing times together, we haven’t fought or had anything close to an issue before (it’s been a year) we have the most “open” relationship if you will, we can talk about anything with 0 judgement and total trust, and we’ve had sex.

We both tell each other how much we love this, and how we cherish how mature our relationship is compared to other stupid high school “hook ups.” I’m really proud to be honest as this is my first girlfriend, and all I want her to feel is the best love and I know I’m doing that.

The only thing that has scared me is how my dad said “you guys see each other a lot, keep in mind you’re only 17.” This made me feel kinda weird cause yes, I’m super young… but I love my girlfriend and he thinks she’s great as well. I don’t know if he’s telling me to distance myself or not, but why should I if we’re enjoying this?

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  1. Don’t worry, we’re proud of you. You did amazing, and at 17, it sounds like the wholesome teenage love experience some of us (like me) never got.

    You need to ask your parents what they think of the relationship (not just her), give your perspective and see how much they agree. It may have been a freudian slip, or it may have been a simple misunderstanding (ie. « I didn’t mean it that way! »).

    If I were to guess, it’s because some people may project their own youth unto their children, so if your parents had a crazy youth with casual sex, drugs and lots of alcohol, they might think that’s the only way to live your youth. Just my guess.

  2. Just enjoy the moment. I think your dad might have referred to not forgetting about other aspects of life though, such as school, family and other friends. Have fun!

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