Dating : I feel like bad person for dragging her on as a friend

Dating : I feel like bad person for dragging her on as a friend

I recently confirmed that the girl i like only considers me as her friend. We talk alot, text everyday and even hanged out alone last week.

She knows i like a girl, I never told her who (obviously). I feel bad for speaking to her about my feelings for the girl even though sometimes she’s the one who starts it. I told her that I’m finally gonna tell the girl next week and she’s actually cheering me on.

I feel like a bad person, and I feel I’m gonna lose my friendship when I tell her next week that she’s the girl, and she’s the one who’s been fucking with my mind lately.

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  1. Well, sincerely, just do it.
    If you do it, you may have some chance that she actually likes you back, if you don’t, it’s a 100% fail.
    And if she actually cares about you and such, she won’t stop being your friend.

  2. I did the same thing to this guy that I was really confusing me. It’s confused me so much to the point I can’t sleep because he would give me mix signals because of that I started liking him. I told him about this guy that I like but I was really talking about him. He would give me advice like « you tell him that you like him and us guys if we like someone it’s not hard to tell. if your gut feels like this guy likes you 95% of the time your are right » I think you should take the risk. If you want something or someone so bad. It’s worth the risk.

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