Dating : I fell in love with someone I’ll never see again

Dating : I fell in love with someone I’ll never see again

I met someone during a period I spent abroad, and we both just connected. We had some really lovely times. Within the last few weeks, though, we’ve lost touch (I only had one way to get in touch with him, and that account was hacked). I have no way of communicating with him at this point, so circumstances have necessitated that I not only get over him in a romantic context, but never see or speak to him again. Like, I know it was unlikely we’d be able to be together given I’m back in my own country now, but I still really valued being able to talk to him in any capacity. Now I don’t have that at all.

In this super connected era, it’s easy to take for granted that the people we care about will always be just a quick message away. But shit happens, and it hits you hard af when it does.

Meh. I’m just really sad.

What do you think?

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