Dating : How to be attractive on Instagram

Dating : How to be attractive on Instagram

Hi, in my country Tinder is not really popular and it’s seen as a bad thing. People use Instagram as a dating site, not just as a dating site but also as a dating site. Most of the relationship grow by contacting girls on IG. The majority of times it’s the guy that reaches the girl. I have been contacted by a pair of girls but they were weirdos.

Do you know any tips on how to use IG to appear attractive?

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  1. Post flattering pictures. Nix the selfies – « candids » are in. Get your mates to take photos of you next time you’re out. Background is important: nature, cityscape, sunsets, whatever is good but put some thought into it. And don’t just take one photo. Take 20 so you have some to choose from.

    Keep your bio simple, but let it say something about yourself. Mine is my uni and my field and then a link to my band’s Insta account.

    Delete pics with exes and if you have pics with friends that look « couple-y » make sure you’ve got « best sister in the world » or « I’m nothing without my friends » kind of stuff in your captions.

    For captions, witicisms and song lyrics. It’s better to go with a few emojis and say nothing than have a super cringy caption.

    Instagram is all about perpetuating an aesthetic. Clean your desk and want to show that you own the newest Apple whatever? Artfully arrange some pens and snap a pic – boom, you look organized and responsible and rich.
    Travel to the beach? Take a pic against the ocean – boom you look well-traveled and adventurous.

    Keep your eye out for aesthetic opportunities and work to build up your account. If you PM me your handle I can give more specific feedback.

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