Dating : I had my first kiss last night

Dating : I had my first kiss last night

I’m 16f, and have been asked out a handful of times I guess but I haven’t really been interested in anyone. I reconnected with a boy I was friends with and we went out to the movies, and last night went to a park. Had a good makeout sesh in his car 🙂 I’m buzzing now thinking about it and we’re going out today for lunch. So excited for the future!

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  1. People, people, a teenager just had her first kiss. What a beautiful thing. Can we not be so doom and gloom?

    I think we can give OP a healthy warning about the future without making her feel so bad here. Let me give it a shot:

    OP, those moments, these firsts, exploring dating and sexuality at such a young age… these will likely be some of the fondest memories you will have to look back on someday. So just be present in them and cherish them. Don’t live in fear of horror stories people tell you on Reddit, or you’ll be stuck browsing this sub on end instead of going out and living your life.

    With that said, you’ll want to balance getting lost in the moment with being smart and making good decisions. Don’t hang around people you don’t trust to look out for you. Don’t give into pressure to do things you don’t want to do, sexually or otherwise. Don’t have unprotected sex. Get educated on STIs and contraception, you’ll thank yourself later.

    And most importantly, recognize that this is the first of what will likely be many « dating phases » of your life. In my case, I’m on my fourth phase. I had my high school relationships, my college relationships, my first « live in » relationship post-college, and now my late-20s dating. As I look back there are really beautiful moments and really painful moments in all of them. But the point is, recognize that in all likelihood this isn’t the last man you’ll kiss. Relish every moment you have together, but never settle for someone who doesn’t treat you right or doesn’t feel right. You have a lot of life ahead, so many more people to meet and experiences to have!

    Good luck to you! We’re all on your side, mostly because we miss our teen years <3

  2. Calm yourself kiddo, just because you kissed a boy doesn’t mean that life is going to be sunshine and chocolate for the rest of your days. Your vision is being clouded by your biology, take a week or two to think about things.

    Just careful okay?

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