Dating : I left her and I feel good

Dating : I left her and I feel good

This post is about my experience in a 2 year relationship and how it turned out for me.

It wasn’t an easy task to open up to a person of the opposite gender in the first place. I count my friends on 2 or 3 fingers because I really don’t feel comfortable socializing. She was my first girlfriend. And I would still like to have her in my life but not as a girlfriend.

I’ll tell you why,
She had this urge to share everything with her girl best friends and one day in the middle of our conversation, her friends pointed out about my nature and the way I don’t socialize with people and rubbed it in my face to make me realize how I should be thankful to have her and that no-one would ever consider me and there you could see my girlfriend just standing there and kinda seconding that whole opinion.

It was at that moment I realized that she was always just curious about my insecurities and used them to get into my head and the face of concern she put on at that time is really holding me back from talking to anyone else.

Now, the moment someone tries to ask about things that bother me or tries to get personal, my first reaction is to just push them away.

What do you think?


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