Dating : i need advice on asking a girl i like out

Dating : i need advice on asking a girl i like out

so I am a guy (14) and i like a girl (14) and i am not sure she likes me back though she does have one of my sweaters

and I am looking for advice from woman

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  1. heyo, 17 yr old girl here 🙂 They best way to figure out if she likes you is to continue to communicate & talk with her. When you’re in a group setting does she always sit/stand next to you? Does she go out of her way to initiate conversation with you? The hints that she likes you might be more subtle because you’re both pretty young, but if she’s interested hopefully she’ll at least show it through conversation. Also it’s a little unclear if “asking her out” means becoming boyfriend/girlfriend or just going on a date. I’d make sure that you’ve gone on at least one outing together (not in a group) to see if you both like each other when there’s not other people to make conversation with. Don’t rush into making things “official.” Rather, make sure that your feelings are genuine & that she enjoys spending time with you too! x)

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