Dating : I think I’m in love.

Dating : I think I’m in love.

I (28f) met this guy (36m) on back in November and we’ve talked every day since. We go on dates we cuddle and have sex and he really is just the greatest. He took me as his date to his aunt’s wedding. He’s met and adores my kids as well. We dont have any « official » titles or anything like that but we both have strong feelings for each other. Honestly, I think I’m in love with him but I dont know how or even if I should tell him.

Normally I’ve always been the girl that falls fast and hard for someone, but I’ve actually taken things slow with this one, which is a bug deal for me. I don’t know. He’s just great and I dont want to ruin anything if he doesnt feel the same. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

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  1. This is sweet

    Also, if you’ve been dating since November I’d say you’re doing pretty well. Do you really need titles? Sounds pretty exclusive to me

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