Dating : I wanna send this to someone at work – am I being an idiot?

Dating : I wanna send this to someone at work – am I being an idiot?

Hey, I wanna ask you a question but I’ve found it difficult to find the right time (and to be able to string a sentence together around you!) I wanted to ask if you’re single by any chance? If you are I’d love to go for a drink or something 🙂

Muchos apologies for the directness, I get that the office really isn’t the ideal place so if I’ve made anything uncomfortable or awkward, I’m sorry it’s just I didn’t really know what to say! I’m normally quite a confident person but evidently not when it comes to this!

If you aren’t then please don’t worry about it, it’s cool, all I can really say is he’s a lucky guy! I hope you’ll understand I just had to ask!

What do you think?


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  1. If the genders were reversed could be maybe considered.
    Work is tough.
    If you do not have enough interaction time in person then drop it.

    Also what do you mean by “send”?
    If some electronic tool such as email or chat tool…. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  2. Big no, it reads like something from high school. Tbh the more I read it the worse it gets. “Muchos apologies”?!

    Avoid work romance, if u can’t help it then u need to find a round about way of finding out if she’s single.

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