Dating : She acts like she’s interested yet I just get the vibe she isn’t…

Dating : She acts like she’s interested yet I just get the vibe she isn’t…

So I was on a date with an amazing girl yesterday and everything she did was as if she liked me. She touched me frequently, she smiled, laughed at my jokes, complimented my eyes…

But then we were in a certain situation and she was like « …and that’s how the best friendships form » – ouch. Also I tried to be a gentleman and all and wanted to let her choose restaurants and offered to pay and all and apparently she didn’t like that a lot as she brushed me off at certain occassions where I acted like that. But after she told me to stop acting like that in a rough manner, she was back to being….super sweet.

The problem with me is I am a rather emotional dater, meaning I go for all or nothing. If I like her I try my hardest to get her and if she’s not interested I’d rather move on than stay friends or something. That’s maybe bad and I don’t know if I should try a different approach maybe and try to take it slow and I read people recommend being friends with women, but then again I fear like I might get attached heavily and if in the end it doesn’t work I feel like that’d be worse than just cutting ties right now…

Would you just flat out ask her if she wants to go on another date? Normally I am rather good at reading people and I think usually when you just « meet » the « date » part is implied after the first date right, or well you don’t meet at all anymore. But with her I feel like if I said I wanna « see » her again I wouldn’t know if that would entail a romantic connotation or a platonic one going forward. But then again I feel like it might scare her off if after one date I sort of try to definine what we have already. I’m just a very systematic guy you know…

What do you think?


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  1. If something is hot and cold, I’d label that as not interested.

    I mean, you wouldn’t want to deal with uncertainty down the road, would you?

    If she used the term « friend », then that’s another sign

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