Dating : I want to ask a guy out, but my nerves are in the way

Dating : I want to ask a guy out, but my nerves are in the way

So I see this really nice guy in my youth club every few weeks, and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to ask him out. I know it will go well as we are friends, but I still feel so nervous about it. I want to take him aside in private instead, but I feel it may be a tad awkward and, well, nerves. But the « right moment » hasn’t come as he’s always got someone there, or the time just isn’t right, so I want to just take him aside instead. But I am so, so nervous! Do you guys know any methods for helping my nerves, or even the actual asking out process?

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  1. Just going to have to pull a Dexter and make it tonight’s the night.

    And by that I mean start a conversation and ask him if you could chat with him in private.

    That’s when you you pull out the grenade! Pull the pin, and ask him if he wants to get something to drink?

  2. I would ask him right before you’re about to leave. It makes it easy to go do something right after, or if he declines you will have some time before you see him again to deal with the rejection.

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