Dating : Ideas for approaching a girl after a coed softball game…

Dating : Ideas for approaching a girl after a coed softball game…

So here is the scenario – Today I was playing in a coed slow pitch softball game, and there was one girl on the other team that really stood out to me. Didn’t really say anything to her before or after the game, because typically the girls in this league play with their boyfriends. After a bit of sleuthing in a Facebook group for everyone that plays softball at our city’s complex, I find her profile, and she really seems like someone I could get along with.

The Million dollar question is what would be the best way to approach her? Fortunately, we play her team again next weekend, so I am trying to think of ideas now. I’m thinking that after the game would be best, but if anyone has any other ideas I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I think after the game would be a great idea! Compliment how she played and then go from there! Just don’t reach out on FB. That may come across a tad weird. People do it, it’s very common in this era, but it still has an odd connotation.

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