Dating : If he messaged me good luck with _____, does that mean he doesn’t want to meet again?

Dating : If he messaged me good luck with _____, does that mean he doesn’t want to meet again?

He texted me to drive safe after our date and then said what I mentioned in the title. Guessing that means no more dates?

*more context*:
I told him about my family situation and looking for a new job, and that’s what he said good luck to. I thought maybe he said that because he’s going to be busy (he works all the time), but I’m not sure

What do you think?


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  1. hmm yeah additional context is needed. If i know a guy has something coming up i’ll include a good luck. i’d respond and thank him for. (whatever y’all did dinner, drinks etc), let him you know you got home and if you liked him say that you had fun and would be down to do it again sometime. you’ll know from his response to that if he’s interested. from my experience if he’s interested he’ll always text you right after the date (what he did) if he’s not he wouldn’t text at all

  2. Need a little more context.

    If the text had been « it was nice meeting you, good luck with ____ » that might be a blow off, but based on the small information you’ve given, he may just be wishing you luck on something.

    If you want to know, just ask. Text him and tell him hank you. And you had fun and would like to go out again.

  3. I often like to reference conversations I’ve had with a girl on a date so she knows I was listening and interested! Maybe he’s blowing you off but he could just be doing what I like to do too 🙂

  4. Just say Thank You and move on with your life, can’t keep waiting. If he is interested he will reach out.

    If he didn’t make it clear that he is interested, he is not interested.

  5. Uh, if he wishes you good luck with your dating life then that means it’s over.

    Wishing you good luck with your job search or an exam doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to see you again. I wish good luck to people all the time!

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