Dating : I’m dating a really interesting man but he’s a flat earther…

Dating : I’m dating a really interesting man but he’s a flat earther…

I am soon to be 29 and dating a guy who is older (45), we went on our second date yesterday and it was really good, incredibly fun, we were vibing and I can’t wait to see him again.

But through our conversations and light hearted debates it came out that he’s a flat earther. Which confuses the hek out of me because he’s incredibly intelligent.

I’m in two minds now as I can see myself ending up really liking him if we continue but I am really spun out by him being a flat earther.

What do you think?


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  1. I’m a pretty tolerant person when it comes to being supportive about being openminded, but I could never be okay with dating a flat earther… But I’d probably try to pick his brain out of morbid curiosity. I wonder what his logic is?

  2. Whatever conspiracies he has are going to be taught to any potential kids, and will eventually come up in conversation with your friends and family. Want to be know as the person dating a flat earthier? I know I don’t.

  3. Yea my best friend is a flat earther. They are anomalies. There entertaining to a point but man are they just dumb sometimes.
    My friend a geologists and doesnt believe dinosaur bones are real either.

  4. The conspiracy theory mindset has a psychology to it. Unfortunately, intelligence and education do not inoculate some from it. Paradoxically, their intelligence can work against them; they know they’re smart which gives them a superior understanding of the facts. Others just don’t get it.

    I’m part of a skeptical society and can tell you that dealing with conspiracy theorists can be a struggle. Don’t expect to change his mind and he is likely prone to other conspiracy theories as well. Often, distrust of authority is a factor.


  5. I’m sorry but this made me laugh!! It’s just that I never thought I’d read this kind of post. Now, it depends on.. Er.. What you tolerate? Does his peculiar beliefs bleed into other areas? This could be a red flag of stubbornness and even fantasy thinking. What does he base his thinking on?

  6. heres a PoV: can you live with the fact that he is one? obviously, hes not going to be silent all the time…. and you will be connected to that person. is he one of those rare people who are actually able to agree to disagree… or….

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