Dating : I’m starting to lose hope because of modern genders and everything happening around…

Dating : I’m starting to lose hope because of modern genders and everything happening around…

I got scared of talking about sexual intimate stuff. At point where even approaching to a girl is a kind of game where 70% can be fail due to her being interested in different stuff other than guys. Like it’s getting to a point where I approached to a girl in a pub. For me she looked like every ordinary oriented person. Like everything was fine. Unless she got pissed on me because I thought she’s straight.

How am I supposed to know? It doesn’t say on her forehead. She needs to talk me on it. To tell me nicely as I approached. Polite and nice. Idk what’s so insulting if I was hitting on her and she’s gay at my unlucky chance.

I got really frustrated, because it’s not just how you look, speak or whatever. People use this to get offended about nothing. I really don’t care who has what sexual opinion. And I don’t mind any sexual orientation. As long as it doesn’t attack my interests. That’s all.

Maybe it was a random incident with her. Maybe I’d doesn’t happen. But I was really downed by the way she spoke to me.

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  1. That sounds like a terrible person. Don’t let it get to you. Any one of the gay friends I have would’ve been flattered and told you the situation in a nice way. Forget about it and keep doing your thing.

  2. Ignore her. You don’t want to worry about them. They’ll go around spreading that bs to anyone who’ll listen. They’re just miserable

  3. She’s just an asshole going through a trend and I don’t even mean that as an insult to communities or political standpoints whatsoever.

    There’s a fair amount of « people » out there who think that their sexual orientation, dietary philosophy and so on define them, rather than…you know, being themselves. Don’t bother, if you want to approach people, this is bound to happen. But there’s still hope for a good encounter.

  4. Why the fuck do you care? You should of been done with that conversation in 5 seconds, if she was being rude, move on, who cares.

  5. We all make mistakes and the world still continues. I don’t think you should worry about one particular person being offended that you misjudged her sexuality. She probably won’t remember you, your voice, or anything you actually said. She may not even remember how pissed off she felt at the time. You can’t worry about every single person and how they will react to you. You will only create debilitating limits that cause unnecessary stress. I’ve been hit on once by a girl because she thought why not take a chance and ask. We had a good laugh and became close friends. Taking chances to get to know people is how you meet new friends and make strong relationships.


    If it still bothers you, you can simply ask someone if they would be interested in getting to know you. If the person pursues you in a romantic way, great! If not, great! You have an answer and you don’t need to worry about being overly polite.

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