Dating : Is asking out in person always better?

Dating : Is asking out in person always better?

I ran into a girl I knew from high school today and we said hello and caught up a little bit but I was late for work and had to run. Want to ask her to get dinner sometime. Was thinking of texting her saying something along the lines of « hey was nice to see you today, wish we had more time to catch up though. Maybe we could grab dinner this weekend. » or would it be better to ask in person? Chances of me running into her spontaneously again is pretty slim but she works at a bar in town. Could just go and when she asks what I’m doing there I could just say to ask you out lol. Not going to pretend that I ended up there by accident. But also feels like that might be an invasion of her space considering she’s at work. Best course of action? It doesn’t really matter I guess, if she wants to go she’ll say yes either way, but just wondering how a women would prefer to be approached in this situation.

What do you think?


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  1. >Could just go and when she asks what I’m doing there I could just say to ask you out lol

    Do not do this. This would be creepy to a lot of women, and asking anyone out while they are working is considered very rude, since they arent in a good position to say no.

    In this instance I think shooting her a text would be fine

  2. Just text her exactly what you wrote above. You already ran into her, you already established contact, you knew her from before so just text her.

  3. I would say dont just show up to her work with the intention of asking her out, she might think its creepy

    I know that as guys we’d prolly be overjoyed if a cute girl came up to us with the sole purpose of asking us out. I know I would (and I work in customer service so having people come up to me is literally my job, so its not like she’d be taking time out of my work)

    But girls dont like this as much as we do sadly

  4. Yea I felt that bro. Ran into a old friend but didn’t have the balls at the time to ask her out. Low key found her on social then asked her out. Worked out fine, don’t worry.

  5. Hate to be the bringer of bad news but in my experience, women make it very obvious that they’re into you the first time you meet them and they will go out of their way to get to you, if they’re attracted. Again, I don’t like it, but that’s what my world view is cause it’s all I know. But I dunno maybe it’s cultural differences or something.

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