Dating : Is it normal to have a survey of questions ready for dates?

Dating : Is it normal to have a survey of questions ready for dates?

I don’t mean like having a sheet at the ready for your date to answer or read off of. I just mean having a standard set of questions you ask on the first date, things like “are you religious? What side of the political spectrum are you on? How do you feel about XYZ?” Things like that.

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  1. You want the real answers to those questions, and asking them might just get you a lot of lies from someone who just wants sex. So it would be better to find out the answers indirectly.

    Instead of asking where they are politically, bring up something from the news, and pay attention to how they slant their reaction.

  2. Not to rattle off like an interview…

    Sure you have questions that are important in meeting anyone new, but especially a potential romantic partner, but a barrage of questions like an interview is no fun for anyone.

  3. This sounds like a bad idea. Have a conversation with her. You’re not Larry King. The most important trait in any date is the ability to shut up and listen. Find something you have in common, expand on that.

  4. I think indirectly asking helps, like abother comment said.

    However, if you’re considering a serious relationship, I think its fine to tell them « __ is really important to me, what is your stance on it? »

    For example, I’m child free. I don’t want to waste my time with someone who really wants children. I tell them « I’m child free, its important to me that my partner feels similarly. Do you want children in the near future? » But, thats a pretty serious question. Limit youself to a couple in the first date I’d say, and focus more on what they’re saying.

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