Dating : Is it too soon?

Dating : Is it too soon?

My bf and I have been dating for just under a month now and things are going great. He seems super excited about the future for us and as am I but I will admit I am a bit more anxious about it.

Recently he asked me to dinner with him and his daughter (she’s almost 3) and I got super anxious and didn’t know what to say. I want to meet her of course but I’m worried it’s too soon..?

I really like him and I do see this going somewhere but I’m worried we are taking some steps too quickly. How do I address this without upsetting him or making him feel like I don’t want to meet her?

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  1. NO!

    Tell him you have often seen other people advise the 6 month rule about meeting family. This is because making it to 6 months demonstrates that you are in a committed, long term relationship.

    You can bring him back down to earth by telling him he knows full well that you are still in the early dating stage and meeting his daughter will be wonderful in the future when the relationship has properly progressed in stages.

    BTW, one month is also too soon to become official bf/gf. You might need to add that you took a huge step becoming exclusive so soon, and meeting his daughter is a much bigger step that will come later in the relationship.

  2. A month seems kinda soon to me. I’d say just tell him. « Hey I like you and what we’re doing and i want to meet your girl someday, but not until I’m a little more secure in this. I dont want her or me to get attached if we end up deciding we dont fit » or something like that. Honesty is usually best and if he gets upset about your genuine feelings, well that tells you something about him.

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