Dating : Is it wrong for valuing physical attractiveness?

Dating : Is it wrong for valuing physical attractiveness?

When I first meet someone, I find myself valuing physical attractiveness a lot (sometimes, even more heavily than that emotional connection/personality) when taking into account whether or not I want to date them. It just feels *wrong,* and very rude and evil of me to do this. Am I being superficial by doing this? How do I « stop? »

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  1. No. Physical attractiveness is the number one determinant of sexual success.

    What is wrong is raising entire generations of people to believe otherwise or lying to them when they recognize their looks are the problem.

    We are living in the most superficial era of modern history. Looks have never been more important. Especially for men where your looks can be the difference between dozens of options and zero options.

    You should be wary that if you are a girl you will likely be chasing the exact same men as every other girl and thus those men will have zero interest in committing to any one girl. This is the fundamental source of the pump and dump.

  2. Not wrong, it’s just human nature.

    Are you young? As you mature you will start to realize physical attraction fades and the persons qualities are what really brings forth a connection and real love.

  3. That is 100% normal and not wrong, especially at the « shallow » phase of a relationship. You don’t have to stop as long as you recognize that it’s merely one of many things that matter.

  4. Not at all. But if your values consist of a certain age, or race then you might want to reevaluate your way of thinking. Other than that you’re gold. Nothing wrong with what people can help being. Being unattracted to fat people is very ok.

  5. I don’t think it’s wrong to want this, as long as you are being realistic. I am not a 10 by anyone’s standard, but I think I would be considered attractive so I would also like to date someone attractive. If I were a 10, I think it’s fair that I’d be trying to land other 10s. It’s okay as long as you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment. I don’t think it’s shallow so long as you are considering other traits and not *just* how attractive someone is.

  6. It’s not bad you can’t help it if you are attracted to that person or not physically and or their personality but It’s might hinder you from finding your perfect match.

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