Dating : Is she interested?

Dating : Is she interested?

So, recently i started talking alot with my friends sister (yes he is cool with it, chill), and i really like her. Frankly, i’ve liked her for a long time. But the past tile we’ve been talking i feel like we’ve connected more, and i think she is interested, and i want to ask her out on a date. But the fact is, i’m so scared she’s not interested in me, and may just be friendly or whatever since she is a friendly person by nature. Yes, i have some of the hints i find «interesting». I was hoping some of you could give me a different opinion?

1. I mentioned to her she’s on my 1. Place on snapchat, jokingly sayibg like i don’t use snap that often so it ain’t that hard.. she then answered with «but since it’s me you do? ;)»

2. She started hanging with me and my friend more often when i visit him

3. She had a little «mental breakdown» and i comforted her, and she said she feels like «i’m the real deal» and that i’m honestly sincere with my answers (with heart emojies involved)

There might be more but i can’t remember just now..

Any thoughts? She interested, or am i just love blinded?

Pat, 18

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