Dating : Is there any point to trying as a short guy?

Dating : Is there any point to trying as a short guy?

Im in my early 20s and at 5’6″ I was cursed with being extremely short. and apparently height is the single most important factor for a male. I’ve seen ugly tall guys with women I’ve seen obese tall guys with women and I’ve seen good looking average height guys with women but I’ve never ever see any short guys who do well with women, its honestly depressing, like I know jacked short guys with male model faces who get rejected all the time because of their height, and I dont even have a model face, I feel fucking deformed. And honestly its hopeless how much short height is a huge deal breaker for almost all women. The only short guys I know who got with women had to wait until their mid 40s for single moms to settle with them but as a 20 something year old short guy I feel like its an absolute death sentence in regards to dating, even the most unattractive women have their own dislike of short men, it makes me want to just end it once and for all. Is there any short guys here in the west who made it work? and by short I dont mean 5″11, I mean 5 foot fucking 6, and what was you secret?

What do you think?


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  1. im a guy, shorter than you. ill be honest. ive been looked over by a lot of women. hell it just happened to me the other day. i dont let it phase me anymore. i go about my business, keep being myself. sure its frustrating and probably 95% of women care about height and will look past me for it. i dont care about them. there’s ones out there that dont care. im looking for those. not going to lie. its challenging but they are out there.

  2. 5’6” 23M here. Not gonna lie, it IS gonna be harder for you (us) than most other guys, height is definitely a (large) factor. But it’s not impossible. Look at it this way, the average height for women in the US is 5’4”, that means more than half of girls are still shorter than you. Things get weird for girls if you’re shorter than them, but I’ve known plenty who are fine with guys being *at least* a bit taller than them. Short girls are cuter anyways.

    My advice? Just be ready for more rejection, and as cliche as it sounds, act and **move** with confidence. I’ve been told multiple times I don’t seem as short as I am because of how I carry myself. Good posture and walking with confidence will do wonders my friend.

    All bets are off with high heels though, man I hate those.

  3. I’m a woman who’s 5’7″ and I’ve been very comfortable with men who are my height or a little shorter. You’ll find the right chick, you just gotta find one who doesn’t play into society’s superficial bullshit.

  4. I’m 20 something and 5 foot 4, personally height has never bothered me! I’ve dated men who arent so tall and I’ve never really thought about it. There are women out there, don’t give up!

  5. Money, power and fame will always trump physical appearance. Focus on wealth, and suddenly your height will become less and less of an issue.

  6. Omg. Those women are just rude and stupid. Imagine if you stipulated breast size and thigh circumference in your profile? Gees. In fact i think you men should start a movement and have a week where you just point out exactly all those double standards.( I’m joking) but imagine it.

    Ronnie 32
    Ya gotta be 36 24 36
    To ride my wagon.
    Anything under a c cup is a flat chest and if you got « momma hips » you can shake them out the door.
    I’m 6’4

    You men would be ripped to shreds for putting such unrealistic superficial standards. There’d be an uproar. You should be disgusted not disillusioned.
    It never occured to me prior to online dating to reject a guy based on height.
    Bloody cows.
    I give it an hour before my suggestion appears as spam on tinder.

  7. I am a girl and honestly a lot of my boyfriends have been on the shorter side 5 7/5 8 ish. I actually prefer shorter guys most of the time. Everyone has different preferences in what they find attractive. I am 5 3 myself and I probably would not date someone my height but a few inches taller is totally fine. To me what is most important is personal style, so maybe spice up your wardrobe a bit or try something a little unconventional that will make you stand out.

  8. I dated a short guy once, and broke it off. It was 100% because I was turned off by his lack of confidence. So yes, There’s a point. Just own it.

  9. 5’6″ is short for you? Amazing how each if our own problems are all relative.

    5’5″ and lower guys are getting so much action.

    Your height is not the problem. There is something else you haven’t identified yet or have not revealed to us yet.

    However, I might suggest that if you feel the girls are wanting someone taller, could it also be because you want a taller girl also? Eg, are you interested in the girls who are 5’4″ and shorter?

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