Dating : Is this a good text to send to a guy I wanna cut ties with?

Dating : Is this a good text to send to a guy I wanna cut ties with?

we’re very much in the talking stage. I told him early in our conversations that I just wanted to be friends, even though he approached me in hopes to go on a date. He agreed to being friends anyway. He sends me super flirty messages and I’m so unattracted to him at this point that I want to ghost him so badly. I literally never reciprocate his feelings but he doesn’t seem to get it. I know ghosting him would be a dick move so should I send him this instead?

‘ I’ve really enjoyed our conversations and your company, (name). But as I told you earlier, I am so far from ready to start dating. This conversation gets too flirty on your end and it lowkey makes me uncomfy. I’m also in the middle of exams so dont really have time for this. ‘


is this too harsh?

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What do you think?

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  1. Almost not harsh enough.
    I would be inclined to leave out the bit about exams or else he might think that after exams you are good.

  2. Leave out the exams part and saying that you’re feeling uncomfortable. Because that might decrease his self-confidence if he knows that he is the reason you’re uncomfortable.

    But yea, if he insists then like Terry Crews would say – Block block block block

  3. Yes this is good. You need to tell him upfront, while still being polite and firm.

    Ghosting him may only make him seek you out and wonder so sending him that is good

  4. Ghosting can be a dick move but not always. In this case, he’s now overstepped, multiple times, the boundaries you’ve been clear about. Ghosting is almost the definitive thing to do here along with blocking.

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