Dating : Is this going anywhere?

Dating : Is this going anywhere?

About a month ago I met a girl(16) in dancing class and I really liked her quirky personality. So the second time we danced together I asked her to go for some drinks after the lesson and she agreed. I really enjoyed the evening so during the next dancing lesson I asked her to do something over the weekend and she apologized and said she was out of town. Since she didn’t offer another date I took it as a soft rejection, but I think she is a really lovely girl so I asked her to go get some ice cream before one of the dancing lessons to which she agreed as well. During this ‘date’ if you can call it that, we had some interesting conversations about future plans and a few things happened may be worth mentioning: « She did remember my birthday(something I said during the first time we went for drinks), she offered to pay for the ice cream(which I let her since I paid for everything up to and after that point), and she talked about some cute pairs in her circle of friends though she never said anything about her own romantic interest, she occasionally checked her phone for texts(a bit annoying but I guess thats normal for my generation?). Since summer holidays are about to start and dancing class is not gonna happen for two months I’d intend to ask her to do an activity(I’m thinking amusement park) during the next and last dancing lesson. I’d love for this to become a thing since we share a lot of passions and interests, so whats your take on the situation?

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  1. Obviously every girl thinks differently so my opinion can’t and shouldn’t dictate how she could feel. But if a guy offered to take me somewhere 1 on 1, I would accept if I were attracted to him and decline if I wasn’t. Her being out of town I think was legitimate, and perhaps she didn’t offer an alternate day because she’s afraid of initiation (quite a few girls are). While the fact that she went to ice cream with you doesn’t say that she’s totally into you, it does seem to say that she’s interested in spending more time with you. If you feel the conversation went well and that you’re clicking I would go ahead and ask her to the amusement park. Good luck!
    Source: me being 17 yr old girl 🙂

  2. She agreed on the 1st 1 on 1 and didn’t mention a boyfriend or anything. Just keep trucking on. I’m guessing you’re young. The only way to learn is by trying.

    Small piece of advice. Keep things fun and make her laugh.

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