Dating : Just realized dating isn’t cute.

Dating : Just realized dating isn’t cute.

I think for the longest time I’ve been confusing how you’re supposed to feel in a relationship and how you’re supposed to feel dating.

Now I think dating is primarily a game centered around presentation, packaging and timing.

And just when you feel like you’re getting close with someone you’re seeing – wait! Pause. Reevaluate. Take a step back. Hang out with your friends. Hang out with yourself. It’s like cooking pasta – how we tend to add too many noodles to the boiling water. The amount of feelings you might have toward someone you’re seeing (before it reaches a DTR stage), may be too much.

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  1. That’s the idea of dating tho. We flaunt our feathers and try to attract our target to be more interested in us than the next person. We flaunt those feathers for a while until they’re like « hey let’s date. » Then you two are in a relationship and then you eat their head like a mantis.

  2. Ehhh. Yes and no. Like I feel like you’re trying to say something deep, but really you just have to listen. The only thing you have to really observe is intentions. Intentions can be determined by comparing words to actions. Like if someone’s interested in you, you can tell – but you may not know *why* they’re interested in you. For the longest time I wasn’t a fan of « shit tests », but as I get older, I value them more and more. A simple shit test can reveal someones true intentions. It reveals character, behavioral patterns, how they think. It’s best to do this over time, but the only real « game » is finding what **you** want. The rest is just bullshit, meant to waste time. Just figure out what you want, try to get it, and if you don’t, just try to get *something*. It could be friendship, it could be stuff – sex, an activities partner, good conversation. I mean it can be anything, but give up if you aren’t getting something you want. I think a lot of the problems in dating stem directly from someone not *knowing* what they want and someone not *saying it* (or at least being honest about it). I mean really, what is it that ***you*** want? If you strip right to it, the answer could surprise you.

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